【Touch Beijing 双语新闻】望京国际人才志愿服务队坚守抗疫一线不放弃、北京对五行业企业实施阶段性缓缴三项社保费政策.


In order to better serve foreign expats living in Beijing during the pandemic, the Wangjing International Talent Volunteer Team in Chaoyang District now has more than 100 people. Volunteers can speak English, Korean, and Japanese. They engage in anti-epidemic work and provide service to foreign residents. There are more than 6,000 foreign residents in Wangjing.



According to the latest policy released by Beijing authorities on May 9, enterprises in the dining, retail, touri *** , civil aviation, and road and rail transport industries in Beijing will be allowed to defer payment of employees' social security premiums. The three social insurance premiums that can be deferred include the premiums of basic endowment, unemployment and work-related injury. From now on, eligible businesses can apply for extension of payment online and need to pay the premiums before December 25, 2022 at the latest.




The People's Bank of China proposes that in 2022, the central bank's policy funds in Beijing will not be less than 150 billion yuan, so as to support the lending of the banking industry. The People's Bank of China will work with the city's management departments in various fields to establish a list of business entities with financing needs in multiple industries,including dining , retail, touri *** and transportation, and encourage financial institutions to take the initiative to serve them. Financial institutions should try their best not to withdraw loans from enterprises in difficulty caused by the pandemic.